Can you imagine just sitting down in front of a piano and playing? That's what Vicki Martin wants to teach you to do! There is a lot of practice and work involved in getting there, but the reason that we practice is so that we can play!

Do you like to play with Lego? A Lego master builder can not only build intricate models from instructions (like learning to play a difficult piece from a score), but also has a through understanding of how a set of pieces work together (like scales and chords) and can put them together to make their own little creations (like improvising at the keys) or even write down instructions for others to build their creations (like composing). They can copy what they see (or hear, if you're talking about music, with ear training) or quickly glance over a set of instructions and get something close, if not exact (like sightreading new music). Each of these tools and skills help someone turn a pile of Lego into beautiful and interesting creations, and you can learn tools and skills to turn a set of 88 keys and dots on the page into beautiful and interesting music! 

I'm interested. Tell me more!

Located in a private studio in the community of Dovercourt near Yellowhead Trail and St. Albert Trail in Edmonton, Alberta.