For the fall of 2020, there will be multiple options for lesson formats available:

  1. In person as much as possible.
    This is the option that I expect most of you will take and will assume you want unless you let me know otherwise. Since the smallest sniffle for either the student or myself means that we will need to switch to an online lesson, exposure by either students or myself would mean isolation and a switch to online lessons, and there is still a risk that a second outbreak would cause closures, I cannot guarantee that lessons will be in person. It will be in person as much as allowed by circumstances and government regulations with online lessons as the alternative when we can not.
  2. Hybrid
    For anyone who would like to reduce their exposure and likes the online format or simply not having to drive, you have the option of each lesson alternating between in person and online.
  3. Online
    You may plan to continue your lessons fully online. If you choose this option, you should expect to pick up packages of materials including purchased and loaned books, binder pages, stickers, and any other materials every 3-6 weeks.

When you register, please let me know if you would like the Hybrid or Online option. Your lesson format will be confirmed in your contract.

Screening Questions

1. Do you, or your child attending the program, have any of the below symptoms: 

  • Fever 
  • Cough 
  • Shortness of Breath / Difficulty Breathing 
  • Sore throat 
  • Chills 
  • Painful swallowing 
  • Runny Nose / Nasal Congestion 
  • Feeling unwell / Fatigued 
  • Nausea / Vomiting / Diarrhea 
  • Unexplained loss of appetite 
  • Loss of sense of taste or smell 
  • Muscle/ Joint aches 
  • Headache 
  • Conjunctivitis 

2. Have you, or anyone in your household, travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days? 

3. Have you or your children attending the program had close unprotected* contact (face-to-face contact within 2 metres/6 feet) with someone who is ill with cough and/or fever?

4. Have you or anyone in your household been in close unprotected contact in the last 14 days with someone who is being investigated or confirmed to be a case of COVID-19?

* “unprotected” means close contact without appropriate personal protection equipment (PPE).

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may not have an in-person lesson. An online lesson may be substituted if you are feeling well enough to play the piano.

Download the Screening Questions


Distancing Measures

  • In order to comply with the Alberta government regulations, two metres (six feet) of distancing must be maintained between the teacher and the student or PPE must be used. The studio has been re-arranged so that the teacher and the student will be at separate pianos and there is six feet from stool to stool. The desk with the computer will be placed between the teacher and the student both to make it easier for the teacher to see the student and as a physical barrier to keep the teacher and student apart. 


  • Parents dropping off their children may walk their child to the door for their lesson but may not wait inside or have other family members wait inside. They may wait in their vehicles or return for pickup at the lesson end time.
  • The teacher will open the front door when other students have left to indicate when it is time to come in for the lesson or send a text message if they are not visible from the door. Students leaving the studio should leave the building before the next student may enter. If a parent has not yet arrived for pickup at the end of the lesson and the next student is waiting to come in, the student waiting can either wait outside or in a designated spot in the living room depending on weather conditions.
  • Singing is considered a high-risk activity and will be avoided.


  • Upon arriving for their lesson, students will be required to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and a paper towel or single-use towel. The teacher will either wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after each student.
  • The piano keys will be cleaned and disinfected before and after each student. The exception is that if two students from the same household have lessons following each other, it will not be cleaned between them. Any items that the student touches, such as pencils or markers, will be placed in a bin at the end of the lesson to be cleaned and disinfected before use by another student. 
  • In order to reduce contact with surfaces that are difficult to clean, the student will not be using the hand drums but use body percussion or other more easily cleaned rhythm instruments instead. 
  • Other commonly touched surfaces including the music rack, the piano stool, the sink where students will be washing their hands, the stairwell handrail, and doorknobs will be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  • Music books that the students use in lesson or have returned after borrowing will be set aside for 72 hours before being used by another student.
  • Students may wash their hands at the end of the lesson. If they do not at the studio, they are recommended to do so as soon as they return home.


  • A screening questionnaire recommended for childcare providers will be used. This will be sent out to students or parents by email, posted on the studio website, included with lesson reminder emails, and posted at the front door. It is the responsibility of parents to check and ensure their child is feeling well before bringing their child to the lesson. Each student will be verbally asked if they are feeling well and have checked the screening questionnaire on arrival at the lesson.
  • If a student answers “yes” to any of the screening questions, they will not be able to have an in-person lesson. An online lesson may be substituted if they are feeling well enough to play. 
  • If a student should start to feel unwell during their lesson or display any symptoms of illness, the lesson will be discontinued immediately, and parents contacted to pick up their child as soon as possible. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Personal protective equipment is not required if two metres (six feet) of distancing is maintained. Since the studio is in a small space, however, students who are more vulnerable, have household members that are more vulnerable, or who would feel safer with additional precautions may choose to wear a facemask. If the student chooses to wear a facemask, the teacher will as well. It is up to the student to provide their own facemasks.
  • If for some reason the teacher needs to come in close contact to assist a student, a mask will be worn by the teacher and another given to the student. 


  • It is the responsibility of the student and their parent to follow all studio and government guidelines. Failure to do so will mean lessons will move to online lessons or discontinuing lessons.
  • If you discover that you have been exposed to COVID-19, it is your responsibility to inform the studio. If the teacher discovers that a student, the teacher themselves, or a close contact tests positive for COVID-19, the entire studio will be informed immediately and mandatory isolation will be followed as required by law, which may result in lessons being moved online for all students.

As of June 11, 2020

Download the Re-Launching In-Person Lessons Considerations