Fall 2022 Registration: 

Registration is now open to new students! 

Interested or new students will want to Sign Up. An initial 30-minute meeting to interview each other will be scheduled before specific lesson times can be chosen.

As of October 11, 2022, the following times are available:

  • Tuesdays at 7:15 PM
  • Wednesdays at 6:30 PM
  • Wednesdays at 8:15 PM
  • Thursdays at 1:00 PM
  • Thursdays at 1:45 PM

Contact Vicki if you have any further questions!

2022-2023 Calendar

Download a printable version of the 2022-2023 calendar.

Fri. Sep. 2

First Friday lesson of the year

Tue. Sep. 6 - Thur. Sep. 8

First Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday lessons 

Mon. Sep. 12

First Monday lesson of the year

Mon. Sep. 5

No lessons - Labour Day

Fri. Sep. 30

No lessons – Truth & Reconciliation Day

Mon. Oct. 10

No lessons - Thanksgiving 

Thur. Oct. 20 - Fri. Oct. 21

No lessons - Music Conference Alberta & PD Day

Fri. Nov. 11  

No lessons - Remembrance Day

Mon. Nov 14 - Tue. Nov. 15

No lessons - Day in Lieu, Non-instructional day

Mon. Dec. 26 - Fri.  Jan. 6

No lessons - Christmas/Winter break

Sun. Jan. 30

January Recital

Mon. Feb. 20 - Tue. Feb. 21

No lessons - Family Day & PD Day

Thur. Mar. 2 - Fri. Mar. 3

No lessons - Teacher's Convention

Fri. Mar. 10

No lessons - Two Much Fun Recital Rehearsal

Sat. Mar. 17

Two Much Fun Duet Recital

Mon. Mar. 27 - Fri. Mar. 31

No lessons - Spring Break

Fri. Apr. 7 

No lessons - Good Friday

Mon. Apr. 10

No lessons - Easter Monday

Mon. May 22 - Wed. May 24

No lessons - Victoria Day, Day in Lieu, Non-instructional day

Wed. June 14

Last Wednesday lesson of the year

Sun. June 18

Year End Recital

Tue. June 20 - Mon. June 26

Last Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, & Monday lessons of the year

Wed. June 21

No lesson - PD Day

Please note that there are additional PD days scheduled for Edmonton Public Schools that WILL have lessons:

  • Monday, October 24
  • Monday, January 30
  • Tuesday, February 21
  • Friday, April 28

Monday & Fridays lesson times have 34 scheduled lessons over the year. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday lesson times have 37 scheduled lessons. 

If a student is unable to attend their regularly scheduled lesson, the following options are available:

  1. Online lesson. An online lesson may be substituted for an in-person lesson at the regularly scheduled lesson time at any time for any reason. If either the student or the teacher is unable to pass the daily health screening questions, an in-person lesson will not be possible, and an online lesson will be substituted. If an in-person lesson is changed to an online lesson, their next lesson time can become an in-person lesson. The teacher should be notified by email or text before the beginning of the lesson time that you wish to substitute an online lesson.
  2. Makeup lesson. Makeup lessons at alternate times are available for illness, self-isolation, or quarantine of any member of the family, or deaths in the family. An alternate lesson time is not available for lessons missed for vacations, school events, or sport events. Makeup lessons can be either in-person or online, depending on the missed lesson. Makeup lessons can be scheduled by logging in at and registering for available times a minimum of 24 hours before the lesson time. Makeup lessons will usually be available during open or cancelled lesson times, two Thursday evenings a month, and one Saturday a month.  
  3. Video feedback lesson. If a makeup lesson time can not easily be arranged and a video feedback lesson is chosen as the alternative, the teacher will put together a 5-10 minute video explaining concepts and doing demonstrations for new material or assignments that the student is currently working on. This will be made available by a link to an unlisted video posted on YouTube. The student can submit a video of material that they have been working on up to 15 minutes long. The teacher will provide feedback on their video within the week by email or video as appropriate to the student.

The student or responsible adult will be responsible to book a makeup lesson or inform the teacher that they wish to have a video feedback lesson. If they do not do so by the end of the contract, they forfeit their lesson time. The teacher may cancel one lesson during the contract for illness without penalty or makeup lesson, and should the teacher need to cancel any additional lessons, the student or responsible adult will be given the option of a makeup lesson, a video feedback lesson, or a pro-rated individual lesson refund.